Capital Markets Law

Capital Markets Law

Capital Markets Law

The capital markets in Law Büromuzun are actively cooperating with the capital market professions of the department.

The customer profile served by our firm in the field of capital markets is primarily the capital market institutions, investors and publicly-held partnerships defined in Article 35 of the Capital Markets Law No. 6362. In the area of ​​capital markets we provide legal advice on:

Compliance with the capital market legislation and legislative counseling,

Capital market instruments include, but are not limited to, organize and off-the-shelf derivative instruments, interest-free financing instruments, warrants, shares, exchange mutual funds, debt instruments)

Capital market activities,

The establishment of the capital market institutions,

Public offerings,

Preparation of main contracts of publicly traded companies,

Corporate governance,

Principles of public disclosure,

Legal review.

Büromuzun has expertise in capital market instruments especially in derivative instruments (organize and countertop). In addition, we are in control of the procedures and principles of the Istanbul Stock Exchange and its products. Nowadays, interaction between markets is high, and thanks to our international business network, we are actively pursuing regulatory changes in international capital markets and providing consultancy services.

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