Real Estate and Construction Law

Real Estate and Construction Law

Real Estate and Construction Law

Our legal services in real estate and construction law are listed below;

Real estate development projects,

Registration procedures,

AVM, residence, tourism and hotel project consultancy,

Enterprise operating system applications,

Rental contracts,

Reconstruction status and settlement,

Leasing for commercial purposes, mortgage financing,

Joint ventures,

Construction contracts, tenders, formal purchases,

Renovation constructions,

Urban transformation,

Property redesign,

Any kind of waste product, property transfer,

Real estate tax calculations,

Mortgage, mortgage, landlord / tenant relationships,

Construction permits and regulations,

Foreigners acquisition of real estate.

Turkey's real estate sector represents 19.5% of total GDP is in 2012 after the entry into force of the law of reciprocity in real estate sales to foreigners have begun to rise and reached 2.64 billion US dollars.

Land Registry Law on foreigners in Turkey including amendments in relation to the acquisition of real estate and changes in legislation and new draft laws, but not limited promotes held real estate investments.

Also Marmaray urban transformation projects, Channel Istanbul, the third Bosphorus bridge and continue development through projects such third airport and the existing potential in Istanbul, it is observed that projects and carries a huge potential for investors in Turkey's real estate sector with the target.

We provide counseling services within the scope of real estate investments and real estate development projects to our domestic and foreign clients and national and international dispute services on the basis of our team specialized in real estate law.

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