Sports Law

Sports Law

Sports Law

Sports law; is intended to be a branch of private law that ensures compliance with national and international legal norms of all transactions aimed at finding disjoint solutions to disputes between sportsmen, clubs and federations in all branches of sport, with the general principles of law.

In today's world, where sports have become of great importance both economically and socially, Sports Law is regarded as a separate branch of law by all developed countries and is seen as an indispensable part of sport. It has now become accepted all over the world that sport has its own unique structure and sports conflicts have to be solved within this specific frame of the building and within the scope of "Sport Law" science field. Sports law has yet to be considered as a new science field in our country, especially in the field of sports law and university universities, certificate programs and scientific meetings have begun to be organized.

In this context, the law büromuz sees sport as a separate field of law - science, as accepted by the advanced countries of the world. This new law school which contains the subjects of the most important legal branches such as Civil Law, Debt Law, Commercial Law, State Private Law, Criminal law, Administrative Law and Tax Law has been formed by combining all these legal branches with their specific dynamics, characteristics and rules and in the West, it has been claimed that some of the leading experts of the sport law have said: "There are two legal systems in the world, the states are legal order and sports law order". In this context, Sports Law Institute Association was established in our country.

As it is known, sport has become an international phenomenon all over the world. In order to be successful in a sport, it is necessary to know all the international and national rules, regulations, and judgments of that sport.

As RZ LEGAL, we aim to contribute to this development of both national and international sports law, so that it is now necessary for sports federations and sports clubs at certain levels to benefit from the lawyers trained in this field and participated in the scientific work of various organizations. In this sense, we try to fill these gaps in our studies by determining the deficiencies encountered in the solution of the disputes within the scope of sports activities, not just focusing on sportsmen or clubs.

We would like to explain in our headings the services offered to local and foreign legal and real persons in the sense of sports law, including all branches of sports through our attorneys and consultants who have been specially trained in Resul Zor Law Office, especially in the field of Sports Law.

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