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Banking and Finance Law

Resul Zor has a wide range of clients, including banks, financial institutions, chartering companies, and borrowers ...

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Individual Client Services

In the context of Resul Zor Law Firm, in the context of the conflicts and needs arising out of the family law of our real clients...

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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Resul Zor Law Office is in charge of litigation, mediation and dispute outside the litigation department and alternative dispute resolution department...

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Real Estate and Construction Law

of foreigners in the Land Registry Law, including the changes made in Turkey with regard to the acquisition of real estate, but not limited to ...

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Companies Law

We provide effective consulting services for domestic and foreign companies operating in various fields of commercial life in the following areas: daily and weekly ...

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Energy Law

Turkey's current and long-term energy policy to reduce dependence on foreign agreement is aimed to increase local resources and saving, the existing domestic resourc[...]

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IT law

Resul Zor's information law department, with the expertise of lawyers who made this field; information technology law, licensing, exemptions, exceptions, intellectua[...]

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Intellectual Property Law

Our lawyers are invaluable in the registration, use and protection of our clients' intellectual property rights. Trademark and patent before Büromuz ...

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Business and Social Security Law

Constantly renewed business and social security legislation, while bringing important opportunities to our clients ...

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International Agreements and Commercial Agreements

At the forefront of our areas of expertise are international contracts and commercial agreements. National and international actors of commercial life ...

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Capital Markets Law

The capital markets in the field of Law Büromuzun are actively cooperating with the capital market professions of the departments ...

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Tourism and Hospitality Law

Resul We provide legal consultancy services to domestic and foreign capital companies in the tourism and hospitality sector under the roof of Zor ...

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions cover many areas of law required by the law. With this awareness, the merger and acquisition taking place in Resul Zor Law Office ...

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Competition Law

As Resul Zor Law Firm, the actors operating in the framework of competition law rules in commercial markets or the mergers and acquisitions to which these companies [...]

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Sports Law

Sports law; all the sports branches, clubs and federations in the disputes arising between the general principles of the law to find solutions to find ties, all ...

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