Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The Resul Zor Law Office is also involved in litigation, mediation and dispute services, apart from litigation and alternative dispute resolution. The legal services provided by our team are listed below:

Commercial disputes,

Preservation of the consumer,

Ideal industrial property,

Real estate,

Mergers and acquisitions after the takeover,

Service and employment disputes,

Tax disputes,

Disputes between shareholders,

International trade,



Due to its geographical location, the legal infrastructure of our country, which has a great advantage in international trade and therefore an important center for arbitration, is also suitable for the development and expansion of the arbitration in this direction. The presence of an important international arbitration center in our country will provide significant contributions to Turkish law as it will increase confidence in the international platform.

Turkey, a country once arbitration and alternative dispute about the future of important and well-known methods and Istanbul Arbitration Center's priorities in the region and eventually will become a center preferred by practitioners globally are foreseen.

Resul Zor Law Office has high experience and respect in resolving disputes through arbitration and mediation. We represent our domestic and foreign clients in the presence of domestic and foreign arbitration delegations in case of various disputes. Our arbitration team has a vast experience in representing our clients by means of efficient and quick solutions in the disputes in manufacturing and international agencies / distributorship, especially construction and fast consumer goods.


Not enough across a broad range of applications in alternative dispute resolution if its a good place to obtain the targeted institution of mediation in accordance with the samples abroad in Turkey has made a good start with 98.2'lik% consensus rate.

Resul Zor Law Office, which has actively implemented the new Mediation and Reconciliation Institution under the title of lawyer, is now able to use its mediating and mediating identity more frequently with its legal mediation activities and offer the fastest and least costly solution to its clients. In the present case, we have our lawyers in charge of dispute resolution, together with legal compliance, with official "Mediator" title and experienced lawyers.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys in the legal dispute department believe that while our clients gain legal dispute after the dispute, our clients should not lose commercial. With this consciousness, they act by holding high legal knowledge and economic rationality in the foreground.

Our primary goal is to achieve dispute settlement with minimal disruption and cost. Any legal dispute must be resolved in the most direct, fastest, and least costly way possible, so that you will not lose value in trade while earning the law. We are making the utmost effort to bring the sides of the dispute together before the issue becomes a crucible. In situations that do not result in peace, we reach the widest possible range of legal legislation in favor of our client. We use years of experience and knowledge in the process of trial and appeal in private and administrative law in the most efficient way for our clients.

It is necessary to open a separate paragraph for our experience with trade receivable dispute. Domestic and foreign persons or institutions from residents who take their business or personal or institution in Turkey and we can collect the most effective methods series. The high rate of collection of commercial receivables that we follow is based on our accumulated knowledge, extensive intelligence network and serial intervention understanding. On the other hand, we also provide services to our clients in cases of bankruptcy proceedings, proceedings, bankruptcy delays and concordats.

It is always our boon to solve legal disputes with our experienced expert in fifty years in a rapid manner with creative and innovative methods.

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