Business and Social Security Law

Business and Social Security Law

Business and Social Security Law

Our legal services in this area include:

Disputes relating to indemnification and contractual rights,

Social Security,


Disputes concerning the working period,

Business contracts and documents,

The company's human resources policy is being reviewed,

Work and residence permits.

Constantly renewed business and social security legislation actually creates significant opportunities for our clients while creating a risky environment that requires constant follow-up and observation. The principle of protecting workers' interests in employer-employee relations of Turkish Law is also an area of ​​law requiring special specialization, which should be given importance on the employer's side.

For this reason, our team working in our Business and Social Security department maintains all the energy on this field and provides solutions for the compliance of our clients with laws, correct evaluations and management of risks in the main issues that concern the business and social security world.

The legislative amendments and close monitoring of business and social security practice have made it mandatory for the internal regulations of the clients to control their suitability and provide regular support and views to the relevant units.

We represent our domestic and foreign employers and employees in various sectors within the context of Turkish Labor Law with the aim of meeting the legal needs of our clients along with our team working in the field of Labor and Social Security Law.

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