Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance Law

Resul Zor serves a wide range of clients in banking and finance law, such as banks, financial institutions, chartering companies and borrowers. Banking and Finance The Legal department provides a service that integrates and encompasses clients in the context of documentation, restructuring and tools of financial packages, nationally and internationally.

Some of the services provided by Resul Zor in the field of Banking and Finance Law:

Counseling service about the functioning, structure and organization of Banking Law and Finance / Credit institutions


Credit Agreements

Company Finance

Goods and Project Financing

Structural Finance

International Trade Finance

Investing and applying security benefits

Islamic Finance Law

Corporate Finance

Capital Markets

Company Finance

Asset-based securities exports

Asset Financing

Structured Finance

Rasul Zor has experience in national and international follow-up of all kinds of proceedings and arbitration ways. In the case of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution area, particularly cases relating to disputes arising from commercial contracts and foreign arbitration decisions Located litigation in all branches of law between work areas our office to be implemented in Turkey, gives the arbitration and dispute resolution services.

Rasul Zor offers effective solutions for cases and incidents that can be resolved by agreement without resorting to legal remedies. Thanks to his membership in law firms and international professional associations, where he cooperated in many countries of the world, he made many peace agreements and resolved the arbitration case.

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